Effective Design Tips For Your Outdoor Logo Mat

Logo mats are an effective way to draw new business by displaying your brand’s creative flare. Plus, they help keep facilities clean and safe for clients and customers.

Make sure your custom logo mats work effectively by keeping these design tips in mind: Reduce Clutter: For optimal performance, an uncluttered layout is more effective in terms of allowing visitors to access messages/designs easily while being more visually appealing and pleasing to visitors.
1. Colors

Logo mats serve as an invaluable branding tool for businesses. A logo mat communicates the personality and charm of an establishment; for instance, boutique homeware shops may use small but elegant logo mats to promote luxury; children’s pottery studios might opt for larger colourful ones to communicate playfulness.

Visitors only spend seconds taking in your mat before entering, so a simple design may be more effective. Complex designs are hard for visitors to focus on and can look cluttered; additionally, mats should match with existing logos, personnel uniforms and facility decor to maintain consistency with existing branding efforts.

Digitally printed logo mats feature high-resolution images and colors that make them suitable for use in any doorway. Indoors or outdoors, these durable mats can withstand extreme weather conditions while remaining slip free and absorbent – an added benefit!
2. Shapes

Logo mats provide visitors with their initial impression of your business, so it is essential that they reflect both its personality and create an inviting environment for customers. Therefore, it should be appropriately sized and shaped to suit the space it will occupy – otherwise they may become difficult to read and appear out-of-place.

As part of your branding and image strategy, it’s also crucial that the shapes you select match those associated with nature, hope, and tranquillity – organic shapes like flowers, leaves and trees can evoke feelings of nature while geometric forms like circles triangles squares can give an appearance of stability and order.

Finally, it is essential to carefully consider your business’s color palette. Selecting hues that complement your company logo, personnel uniforms, and facility decor helps visitors associate more easily with the logo mat and your organization.
3. Text

Custom logo mats are pieces of matting with company branding or images printed or cut out and inlaid onto them, such as printed designs or cut images. They may be made out of soft carpet-like materials, bristly coir fibers that clean off shoes or completely constructed out of rubber for all-weather use.

Logo mat design requires careful consideration to avoid clutter. Since visitors will quickly pass by your mat and have only seconds to notice its design or slogan/emblem, choosing an uncomplicated image or logo with colors that pop is essential in creating an eye-catching mat that conveys your message successfully.

Finding inspiration for custom mats can be found in your current marketing materials such as your website, business cards and brochures. Incredible Logo Mat will ensure that they look fresh and up-to-date – reflecting how active and vibrant your business may be!
4. Images

Logo mats that feature colorful designs or graphics will ensure they draw people in, making your brand easily recognisable while showing that your business or organization takes great pride in branding its premises.

There are two general categories of logo mats–Printed and Inlaid. Printed mats feature digitally printed colorful graphics on their top surface, are launderable, and come in an assortment of color options; however, they do not provide as effective protection from dirt, moisture and debris as do inlaid mats which tend to “fuzzier.”

Inlaid logo mats are constructed by piecing together various colored carpet materials to form intricate and artistic images on any mat surface. Made to withstand outdoor conditions as well as indoor settings, inlaid mats offer superior “toughness” than printed mats due to their permanent mold images – they also protect from mildew growth! UV stabilized and mildew proofed features complete this mat design!

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