WaterHog Diamond Mat – A Simple Solution to Slip and Fall Accidents

Waterhog mats offer an appealing diamond pattern aesthetic and revolutionary debris-trapping abilities, perfect for high traffic indoor/outdoor areas. Constructed from premium anti-static 24oz polypropylene fiber system that dries quickly without fading or rotting; their rubber reinforced surface wicks away water when wet to provide a slip resistant surface and offers slip resistance when wet.

Waterhog mats are designed to collect dirt, moisture, and debris tracked into facilities by shoes to prevent slip and fall accidents and save lives and reduce costly repairs or replacements to facility floors.

WaterHog’s innovative bi-level surface features stain-resistant fabric bonded to durable rubber with raised nubs that capture debris and moisture while simultaneously wiping shoes clean. Furthermore, its rubber reinforcement prevents the pile from crushing, prolonging performance life.

The 24-ounce antistatic fiber system dries quickly and resists staining, while its rubber backing offers excellent traction. This mat can be used indoors or outdoors in covered areas; mildew-, mold- and rot-resistant; it can even be hosed down regularly for routine cleaning; certified slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute! With standard rubber borders (Diamond Classic) or fashionable fabric borders (Fashion Diamond), and either cleated or smooth backs; they are environmentally-friendly options made up of 15-20% post-consumer recycled material from beverage bottles!

Waterhog mats feature a unique diamond surface pattern designed to effectively clean shoes clean, trapping dirt below shoe level and keeping it from spreading across other areas of the floor. This feature can help keep floors safe from potential slip hazards caused by dirt left on shoes that is tracked into other parts of your building and tracked onto surfaces like carpeting or floors.

Waterhog floor mats boast anti-static and durable polypropylene construction that dries quickly to prevent mildew growth, and won’t fade or rot from exposure to sunlight and moisture, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor mat applications.

All Waterhog mats can be quickly and effortlessly cleaned using vacuum or extraction cleaning systems to remove dirt and debris, or they can simply be hosed off for quick and effortless cleanup that will have them looking brand new in no time!

Waterhog mats are constructed to last for many years of service, offering significant advantages over vinyl mats that crack or curl over time. Plus, there’s something beautiful in every color to match any decor!

Raised diamond surface patterns help keep shoes clean by trapping dirt beneath shoe level and offering improved traction and cleaning. Meanwhile, rubber reinforced face nubs prevent pile from crushing in high traffic areas extending the longevity of your mat.

With 13 different surface patterns and 18 colors to choose from, we’re confident you will find a Waterhog mat to complement your space perfectly. Plus, our fabric border mats can add an elegant finishing touch.

Waterhog mats can be safely used on most types of flooring such as linoleum, tile, asphalt, concrete, terrazzo and marble – we even offer snowy or slippery floor versions with cleated versions to provide added safety! Regular vacuuming or sweeping should remove most dirt and debris. For stubborn stains or stubborn marks that remain after this treatment can be cleaned using mild detergent with water solution. These mats are safe to use on linoleum tiles, asphalt tiles, concrete pavements terrazzo floors terrazzo or marble surfaces! Waterhog mats are safe for all flooring types including linoleum tiles asphalt pavement concrete terrazzo marble flooring to name just a few! They even come equipped with cleated versions for snowy or slippery floors!

Waterhog mats are approved by the National Floor Safety Institute and feature high-traction designs to keep your facility secure. Furthermore, these fade and rot-resistant mats will last much longer than consumer-grade options that typically curl and crack over time.

Durable and attractive entrance mats from The RW Parker Company effectively remove dirt, debris, and moisture from shoes while keeping it contained within the mat. Available with various backings – rubber being ideal for concrete, linoleum, tile, terrazzo, asphalt and wood surfaces and featuring cleated edges suitable for carpet – they make an effective barrier between footwear and surfaces that may lead to slips and falls.

WaterHog Diamond mat can be easily maintained with regular vacuuming or sweeping, as well as wet cleaning methods like steam. Once finished, allow time for them to fully dry before returning them back into service.

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